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2019-10-10 20:26:11

Succession / Season 2, episode 8 (debuts 9/29/19): Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook. photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Succession ends its second season this Sunday, Sept. 13 on HBO, with, we’ve been promised, a blood sacrifice. What and who that looks like could remain a mystery until the episode’s final moments — or, who knows, it could happen in a cold open. But what’s not a mystery is that the drama will be excellently scored and, at some point, we will hear the greatest theme ever composed.

Nicholas Britell — who, quick sidebar, is also responsible for the incredible Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk scores, the former of which was memorably featured in the Antonio Brown saga — won an Emmy for Main Title Theme Music, as he very well should have. Never have a piano riff and strings gone so hard. Never has an HBO theme been so deserving of a Pusha T remix.

A fact recognized by the nebulous collective known as the internet, or at least Twitter, the users of which took it upon themselves to make the opening credits tune one of the most delightful memes of the year. There is not a single video that cannot be improved by the Succession theme.

Here is proof. We start with, while not definitively the original, the best.


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